50, 100, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Upasana Yoga is an internationally acclaimed best yoga training school available in Goa, India. We have best-certified instructors who shall you give training with the supportive nature for each and every one. Our priority is you and we will desire to help you to achieve your goals. We also provide certificates under the teacher training program. We offer teacher training retreats, short courses to meet your expense and keep you practicing.

Meaning of Yoga

Yoga is a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness. It makes the mind a dynamic centre of direct perception and it no longer depends upon the fallible senses but becomes capable of actually experiencing the ‘Truth’.

Meaning of Upasana

Upasana is a term that denotes a method for approaching or getting close to a deity. It typically refers to worship or meditation with the purpose of connecting with the universe or a higher power. It is a Sanskrit term that translates as “sitting near God.” Since the spiritual goal of yoga is oneness with the Divine or the universal Self, it is a key component of upasana.


The 200-hour certification course contributes to the students with a tough foundation in yoga asana. It also provides substantial practice, counting alignment, anatomy, adjustments, and modifications. The style is a mix of traditional Hatha and modem Vinyasa.
It constructs together with the modern science of physiotherapy to commit students a strong foundation. So that they enforce themselves to any teaching style. But it also goes great, great deeper. We will delve into the many dimensions of the Yogic Philosophy and lifestyle. Also, It will help the students to see the world through the eyes of the ancient yogis.


100 hours teacher training aim on the conventional teaching of venerable100 Hours - Ashtanga + Vinyasa and Yin + Aerial programs. This training is perfect for aspiring teachers as well as serious practitioners. It is for those who may not want to teach, but we just want to deepen their knowledge in all aspects of Yoga. The classes for beginners are also available in this program.


TTC -50 Hour course is draft for people with less time who can’t complete the whole course at once. To be a certified teacher in this field, you should complete 200 Hour training according to Yoga Alliance USA. This course is comfortable for those students who have a plan to complete the 200-hour course but with a definite time.
The chief objective for 50-hour teacher training program is to build knowledge. It helps you to find cheer in your practice at a pace that is convenient for you.

Reasons to Choose Yoga

Relaxation and Refresh

Beauty of Body

Mind and Soul

Addition of Energy

Addition of Strength

Free from Stress

Team Members

Yoga teacher training course in Goa, India

We are Yoga Alliance USA certify school for yoga teacher training in Goa, India. We offer a comfortable, intensive and residential teacher training course at our School in Goa, India. The Teacher Training Course is specially designed to provide students the chance to discover the style of yoga that best suits them. It allows the students to deepen their practice and understanding by studying both Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa flow. It provides the students with an eventuality to choose a yoga style that annexation most with their natural teaching style. You can also feel how the various practices work in harmony with your body and mind which is what the true meaning of this art is. During the teacher training course program, you will have a fully furnished room set in our beautiful garden. A healthy meal will be available three times per day, which includes Salads, fruits, and beverages. We will also be catered and you can select either a vegan or gluten-free diet.

Package Includes

Yoga Teacher Training Course Package
  • ☛ FREE Shuttle Pickup*
  • ☛ Attached bathroom with hot water
  • ☛ 3 Vegetarian Meals
  • ☛ Free wifi
  • ☛ Ayurvedic/Herbal Tea
  • ☛ All teaching materials and modules
  • ☛ Free Dolphin Trip
  • ☛ One traditional classical music concert

Why Upasana Yoga is a best Yoga training school Globally

Upasana Yoga was established with the aim of incorporating ancient yogic wisdom into modern-day life. We passionately believe that yoga should be accessible to all. With the spacious halls, a rooftop, the Ashram offers a unique, inside or outside house YTT experience. Our school has the best location with the biggest open ground area. There is a beach in front of the school for relaxing and reading. We have 100 Hours Teacher Training Center, 200 Hours Teacher Training Center, Yoga classes for beginners programs at our school. Our vision is to combine and share our knowledge, teaching experience and expertise with other yogis. Upasana Yoga comes with best teacher training in Goa, India based on Hatha Yog Principles that covers extensive Ashtanga Practice while giving wide coverage to ancient principles. Along with an understanding of human anatomy & physiology.


  • Thank You, Merci for your radiance, your smile, your patience, your sympathy and your love. I learned so much from your classes and I wish you all the best.
  • Thank you so much for showing me, what it is to be a wonderful teacher and even more better person.
  • Konty, I truly loved your teaching style. And sense of humour and fell in love with Vinayasa. I truly hope that our path cross again.
  • Thank you for keeping us smile and laugh in Yoga but also keeping us in alignment and giving us time to get the best out of us, when needed.
  • Konty, Thank you showing me your, how positive and cheerful a teacher has to be. You have so much spend time with us and I appreciate every minute of my time with you. I have learned so much so much and I know this knowledge will stay with me. Forever grateful. All the best.
  • Konty, thank you for making our journey a joy! Our classes are always so fun and innovative, they always had us laughing and smiling. I promise to make all my students as polite as you taught us!! Best of luck
  • Dear Konty, Thank you so much for sharing your joy, creativity and yogic wisdom with us. You have played such an integral role on this journey. I hope to remember to be more polite to my body moving forward. Wishing you sunshine and all the best
  • Thank you so much for making me laugh, I really enjoyed all the classes, I’ll keep practising
  • Yasmine
  • Amber
  • Siddhart
  • Tania
  • Natalie
  • Rosa
  • Romana xoxo
    Romana xoxo
  • Zuri
Nan yoga trainer

Nan a commencé le yoga à 45 ans et le transmet depuis 2013.
Elle sera votre guide pour apprendre à connaître, harmoniser et connecter votre corps et votre esprit avec ce qui vous entoure. Elle vous propose des cours et des formations en Fran軋is de Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, Mandala Yoga, Acro-Yoga, Kundalini, swing yoga.

Sa rencontre avec Shiva Rea , ・ 45 ans, a 騁・ une r騅駘ation. Réaliser ce à quoi elle aspire vraiment, au plus profond de son être : aider les gens à s'éveiller aux joies de la vie, à se rendre compte de la chance que l'on a, vivre en harmonie avec la Nature et tous les êtres qui nous entourent, respecter la Vie. Son adage favori : « le secret du Bonheur c'est de faire ce que l'on aime. Le secret de la réussite c'est d'aimer ce que l'on fait.»
Née en Afrique elle voyage depuis son plus jeune âge, à la rencontre des cultures et traditions des peuples de notre magnifique Terre.

Elle a côtoyé des sages et des gens simples , qui l'ont tous autant éclairés dans sa construction et dans sa quête spirituelle.
Ses cours sont colorés de kirtan, de pranayama, de Kriya, de rires et de plaisir. Vous progresserez dans la convivialité, la bonne humeur, la confiance en soi et en l'autre et le lâcher-prise et bien sur aussi la concentration. Son objectif : 騅eiller votre corps et votre esprit pour que vous soyer de plus en plus agile et souple mentalement et physiquement et convaincu de l'importance de regarder vraiment, de se découvrir, de s'ouvrir à soi et aux autres, de s'amuser et surtout de vivre l'instant présent.

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