Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Upasana Certified yoga instructors in Goa

Step forward towards peace and transformation with yoga courses in Goa. Get ready to delve into the metaphysics & otherworldliness of  yoga in a more forthright and deeper manner.  Develop into a skilled and globally recognized yoga instructor with our teacher training courses at Dream Catcher. We help you to sweep up the pragmatic Yogic lifestyle. It will foster fulfilment and happiness into a practitioner's life.

With time, yoga turns into an integral part of your life. The Certified yoga instructor's journey in Goa transports the practitioners into the land of satisfaction. It takes you to a where well-being is cooperative, mind is modernized, and soul is up lift. There are several who crave to become an instructor of this invigorating science. They desire to offer the joys of yoga to mankind.

Certified Yoga Teacher and Masters

With Upasana Yoga, you can commence the yogic path. You can become a serious practitioner and a skilled yoga teacher through our Yoga Alliance teacher training. We have established ourselves as highly reviewed and reputed yoga schools in India. Our organization was founded in 2018 with the approval to Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

In fact, we have spread yoga to many major locations of India and of the world. We now aim to deliver the knowledge of yoga to the residents of Goa. We propose distinct yoga courses in Goa covering the study of the classical and contemporary programs. The yoga courses can heal the overburden souls by introducing them to salvation and physical-mental healing. To know more, you can reach us anytime.


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