Thank You, Merci for your radiance, your smile, your patience, your sympathy and your love. I learned so much from your classes and I wish you all the best.


Thank you so much for showing me, what it is to be a wonderful teacher and even more better person.


Konty, I truly loved your teaching style. And sense of humour and fell in love with Vinayasa. I truly hope that our path cross again.


Thank you for keeping us smile and laugh in Yoga but also keeping us in alignment and giving us time to get the best out of us, when needed.


Konty, Thank you showing me your, how positive and cheerful a teacher has to be. You have so much spend time with us and I appreciate every minute of my time with you. I have learned so much so much and I know this knowledge will stay with me. Forever grateful. All the best.


Konty, thank you for making our journey a joy! Our classes are always so fun and innovative, they always had us laughing and smiling. I promise to make all my students as polite as you taught us!! Best of luck

Romana xoxo

Dear Konty, Thank you so much for sharing your joy, creativity and yogic wisdom with us. You have played such an integral role on this journey. I hope to remember to be more polite to my body moving forward. Wishing you sunshine and all the best


Thank you so much for making me laugh, I really enjoyed all the classes, I’ll keep practising

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