Yoga Holidays

Yoga Holidays

Upasana Yoga is the best yoga training school that provides space for you to connect with yourself and your surroundings. It helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle through healthy food, yoga, and movement.

Just imagine waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds and monkeys in the nearby jungle. The Upasana Yoga school centres are set up at different locations for the training retreats where students can practice yoga in an open studio. Most of them offer a view over the Indian Sea. It is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.

You can also enjoy the benefits of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga in the mornings. While you are watching magical sunset in the afternoon. It will make you feel energized and nourished.

Certified Yoga Instructors


Our place welcomes all levels of practitioners. Whether you are thinking that you are a beginner or master in yoga, we still have something for you to learn. Modifications and variations will be given throughout all classes. There always will be two teachers in the morning classes, one leading the class and the other offering adjustments. This way, irrespective of experience, all students will have equal support in their practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a precise set sequence. It is a dynamic form of yoga which produces heat in the body in order to purify it. Its main focus is on the breath and movement. It uses meditation forms such as – Drishti, bandhas, and breath.

Vinyasa Yoga, sometimes called Flow Yoga, is a contemporary style of yoga. We provide an atmosphere where students move freely from one pose to another. It offers variety and freedom to choose from many poses. It allows you to be unpredictable and creative. Every class or session is different from the other one. For this reason, you will enjoy Vinyasa Yoga every other morning.


We support Mediterranean diet not only because we’re in Goa, but also cause it is one of the healthiest diets. Meanwhile, after the completion of the morning classes, the brunch will be ready for students.

Also, snacks such as homemade energy bars, walnut bars, carrot cake and tea will energize you after the afternoon class. Dinner is a variety of fresh vegetarian options. It is prepared with love by our in-house chef. A well-deserved dessert is a must.


07:00-08:30 am Morning Asana Class
08:30-09:30 am Breakfast
01:30-02:30 pm Lunch 
04:30-06:00 pm Evening Asana Class
06:30-07:30 pm Meditation/ Kirtan/ Ayurveda/ Group discussion
07:30-08:00 pm Dinner 


€40 Per Day
Daily 2 Yoga Classes
Meditation Class
3 Veg Meals per Day (Excluding Sunday)
Free WiFi
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